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About Us


Rite 4 Pets is a privately owned and financially

sound company based in the UK.


We are a family business of pet owners and pet lovers, who know from long experience what we

and our customers' pets need to give them a

loved, long and healthy life.


Over time we have identified and built relationships

with several manufacturers of quality pet products.


We provide our USA and UK customer base with

quality and healthy pet supplies that they can trust.



We started out as small group of family and friends collectively buying bulk pet supplies for our

own use. From that small beginning through word of mouth recommendations, the demand for

the products we were sourcing grew and Rite 4 Pets was formed to meet this growing customer demand.

We are a young company which is growing year on year. We supply and deliver a select number

of quality and healthy pet products of value to our customers located in both the USA and UK.


All of our pet products such as treats, pet shampoo and conditioners, pet supplements and

pet vitamins are specifically manufactured for Rite 4 Pets by USA and European manufacturers

that are registered and approved companies. All of our PetSimplicity products either meet or

exceed all current USA and EU regulations, certificates and relevant standards.


Our own PetSimplicity brand products are produced to the same exacting standards and quality

as leading well known brands.


We provide our customers with quality products and outstanding customer service.



  • Pet Food and treats
  • Pet Vitamins
  • Pet Supplements
  • Pet Equipment
  • Pet Travel Accessories
  • Pet Grooming Equipment




  • Quality Healthy Products
  • Manufactured in USA and Europe
  • MFDA and CE Approved
  • Delivered direct to the door
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • 100% product Guarantee


Delivery and Customer Service


To meet our exacting customer service goals we

have recently decided to partner with Amazon.


All Rite 4 Pets products will now be sold and fulfilled

by Amazon.com. This provides all Amazon customers

with free delivery on orders over $35.00.£20.00 or

27.00 euros. Amazon Prime customers benefit from

free delivery on all orders.


Our select products are covered by the Amazon 24/7customer service and customer purchase

guarantee. and our own 100% guarantee.



The Amazon fulfillment platform plus Amazon purchase guarantee, paired with our

own outstanding customer service record means that our customers can buy with confidence.


Rite4Pets 100% guarantee is simply this: should any customer decide they do not like their purchase, tell us why and we will swiftly resolve any issues or refund the full purchase price,

including postage.


Our Customers know they can purchase our products in total confidence.


Customer feedback is also so important; it allows us at Right 4 Pets the opportunity to improve

our products and customer services. We pride ourselves on providing what we believe to be an outstanding service.


We genuinely believe that the dedication of our experienced,helpful and knowledgeable staff

are second to none.


Feel free to contact us at info@rite4pets.com. Unlike some pets, we don’t bite!





The first of our new range of PetSimplicity products is now available to view on our Pet Store Page more products coming soon.