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Traveling with your pet.



If you take your pets travelling in car, make sure you carry enough

water pus a cat or dog travel bowl of sufficient size. Even on a

relatively cool day your pet may overheat in a vehicle.


It is good practice when pets are travelling in or are left inside

stationary vehicles, to make sure that you allow them the means

to drink water every one or two hours, depending on their size..


If you find you have to leave your pet alone in a stationary vehicle,

always remember to leave a window cracked open for ventilation.

Unlike humans, most animals with fur, can only dissipate heat

either through their mouths by panting, or through the pads on

their paws.


It is a good idea to use a dog restraining system to secure your dog

in the car, as is a pet guard (a mesh one will suffice),. placed behind

the front seats of the car. This will enforce the idea to your your pet

that they only get to ride in the back of the car. Some good pet guards

also contain a pocket for storing things such as a dog travel bowl.


You may also want to consider sourcing a cover for the back seats and

a pair of rear internal door protectors. This will save you hours of work

trying to clean mud and dog hairs from the rear seats and door trims..



Look after your pets and they will be friends for life.

Why play is important.


Many scientific studies on human and animal social interactions stress the importance of play. We and our pets are unique in that we play all of our entire lives. The fact that humans and pets stay playful

as adults is significant and is part of what makes our relationship so special.


Dogs and cats need to relax (just like people) and have fun in order to grow and thrive. Although play can be exciting and fun, as pet owners we need to remember that our pets also need supervision and control. Our pets need to learn the rules of play.


As owners of pets we have a responsibility to make it clear to our pets, especially dogs, when it’s time

to play and when it’s not. An excited pet can lose control and lack of control, can lead to aggression. In order to be well adjusted and happy, dogs need to play, .

Interactive play strengthens the bond between

you and your pet.


Go and have fun together


As responsible pet owners and especially dog owners it is our duty

to make sure that our pets are well behaved .


Nearly all common behaviours can be traced back to instinct. Barking

digging, marking, and chewing all served distinct purposes in the wild.

For instance, when we throw a ball for our dogs, what appears to be

play, is actually the natural instinct to hunt and chase. Dogs become

frustrated if their natural instincts are constantly suppressed.


Rather than punishing our dog, for doing what comes naturally, it’s

far more productive to find acceptable ways to satisfy these instincts.

Healthy play can influence our dogs in so many ways.


Physical and mental development, emotions and behaviour can all be

influenced by play, It helps our pets expend excess energy. Providing

your dog or pet with satisfying pet chews, pet toys and balls, will help

to minimise inappropriate behaviour and will keep your pet occupied.


Durable chew toys with an erratic bounce appeal to a dog’s natural

instinct to chase prey. When a dog captures and chews on the toy

this helps in satisfying the need to hunt and chase, as well as the

the urge to chew your furnishings and fittings.


Games like fetch, tug and chase can help satisfy a dog’s instinctual

needs, as well as strengthening the bond between dog and owner.

Play helps our dogs expend excess energy, which is extremely

important for appropriate behaviour development.


Here is a useful tip, some dogs will just not play with toys, try this.


Pick a chew toy for your dog that has a hollow centre and place

a few treats or food inside the toy. Your dog will use all of its

natural instincts to chase and chew the toy, while trying extract

the treat inside. This little technique used regularly as a training

aid can help adjust a dog that has behaviour problems, such

as chewing furniture etc.


With a little time and effort and the right techniques it is possible

to influence your pet's behavioir and get them to behave the way

you want them to behave.


Don't forget to reward your pet for their good behavioir !

We all enjoy a treat !

Pet Behaviour


We tend to treat our pets as family members and as for

dogs, the human family has become their pack. In spite of

domestication the dog’s basic instincts have not changed.


Dogs are predators, scavengers and opportunists,

genetically dogs are programmed to hunt for their food,.


Trash can scavenging, dinner begging, counter surfing,

furniture chewing and garden digging are all outward

signs of an opportunistic and highly successful scavenger.


All too often these traits are considered behavioural

problems, when in fact, they are just evidence that;


"a dog is just being a dog".

What more do Pets need for a Healthy Life?


A well looked after pet needs more than just food, water and a

warm comfortable place to sleep.

You may want to think about giving your pet additional Vitamins

such as Omega 3, 6 etc. that are naturally found in pet fish oils. Consider giving your pet a supplement that will provide hip and

joint support, such as Glucosamine & Chrondrotin.


A pet, or cat, dog feed mat or feed tray may be useful and will

help keep your floors clean and tidy..


Travel accessories such as a pet cat or dog travel bowl.

A pet car restraint device is also a sound idea to ensure

your pet is not injured in an accident or from being thrown

around while they are travelling in a car.


Bath Time for Pets.


Be careful at bath times with your pet, try to use good quality shampoos and conditioners, that will not strip the natural

oils from your pet's fur, or irritate their eyes and skin. Use

gentle natural organic products if you can, or at the very

least, products that do not contain soap. I use an organic

oatmeal dog shampoo when bathing my dogs.



Pet Food Labelling Information.


Try to gain a good understanding of what the label on a pet food product means, so that you can make an informed decision on

what to feed your pet.


Not all Pet foods are the same, the nutritional elements wildly differ depending on the product, the ingredients and the manufacturing process used. It comes down to your persomal choice on what

foods you feed to your pets and what goodness your pets get out

of their food.


For more information on Pet food labelling and what it means for you and your pet.


Please feel free to e-mail us at

We will send you an information sheet on " Food Labelling" and

what it all means.for the health of your pet.


Why not send us a picture of your loved pet and we will add it to our Pet Gallery, for other pet lovers to admire.

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